About Us

About North Haven Community Fitness

North Haven Community Fitness is a town owned gym located on North Haven island off the coast of Maine. Our small and unique space is available for the whole community to use. We have a 1/2 court basketball space, along with cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights, mats and yoga supplies. NHCF offers various classes to members that may include weight lifting, pilates, yoga, cardio fitness and kick boxing.

Popular Classes

Women's Weight Lifting in Mobility

In this 6 week program we will focus on weight lifting in an entire range of motion. Which includes strength training, mobility work, and focusing on creating strength in a wider range. The motions will including squatting, pressing, dead lifts, and other standard movements. The twist is that we will push those movements to farther limits, because we all know that in real life you can’t position your self perfectly to pickup, move or twist exactly how you do in the gym. This extension of movement is to help create strength that will last longer, but also help in reducing chances of injury, and improving joints in the aging process. Class is intended for all levels, all ages, and all abilities!

Power up: introduction to weight training and lifting.

We hope to share our love for fitness with the community and get others excited about lifting and pushing themselves out of their comfort zone in a safe and healthy way!